Weekend 27-29 April 2007


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This posting is a homage to a truly amazing man!

Robert Adele Hamblin became a freelance commercial photographer at the age of twenty-one, after six years as a newspaper photographer. His career in the media started at age fifteen, when he landed a job as an intern darkroom "girl" with a local newspaper. After high school, he started working for major South African daily newspapers and magazines. Going freelance at age twenty was maverick, but also "the best time to be free", according to him.

It was during this period that his exposure to clientele, which included television and theater professionals, cultivated the development of his own talents as a conceptual artist.

While successful in integrating symbolism and tangible elements into his photography as a whole, he says that it was the emergence of digital technologies that removed the perceived constraints he felt in expressing the intangible aspects of the human condition. Robert Hamblin's cutting edge digital work, both commercial and conceptual, makes him a leader in his field.

Robert Hamblin is a transgendered man who uses his skills and talents as a photographer and artist to create narratives of the human state. He uses his expertise, aptitude and experiences to explore gender issues to increase awareness and transform gender relations.

Extract from Robert's website:


Also read in more detail about Robert's transgender journey on his site.

Watch this space for a photographic shoot and video with Robert!

Indigo Boy, Cape Town, Weekend 27-29 April

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